Newry Man of the Year

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Among them are generations of nuns, priests and Christian Brothers – the vast majority of whom are, and have been, exemplary human beings and made an inestimable contribution to human development and to that of Newry/S Armagh/S Down people in particular. 

This site would never underestimate the horror perpetrated by a minority of abusing ‘religious’; but with the decline to virtual extinction of most Orders, we ought to remember them for their charitable, religious and educational good works. Our children and grandchildren today already have reason to rue the (virtual) absence of these dedicated women and men of vocation in their schools, churches and everyday life.

There is something additionally special about people in the modern secular world who battle against even greater odds in their struggle to alleviate the poverty, misery and pain suffered by people in the ‘disaster’ zones of our ‘Mad Earth’. Collectively in the twenty-first century we appear to have jettisoned lofty ideals of all kinds in favour of a selfish, devil-take-the-hindmost philosophy. A few have not.

John Cully, formerly of Daisy Hill Gardens, Newry has spent the last few decades devoting his life, his skills, time and effort to those unable to help themselves. We are very proud of our nominated Newry Man of the Year, pictured here a few years ago when he was labouring in India.

We have no prize; no medal or gong to present.

Just our heartfelt thanks.

Long may he enjoy robust health to continue his good works!

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