Overheard Snippets

How do you know you are back in Newry ?

I ask because our Sally is coming home tomorrow.

I took a short reconnaissance walk along Hill Street just now to test the waters for her and Richard.

Outside the Shelbourne, Elizabeth Scott and two other older ladies were comparing notes on grand-children.

“They don’t be long growing up, do they ?” asked one.

“If they only knew what was in front of them – God love them!”

Two familiar looking women – whose names I don’t know – passed me outside the Pound Shop.

“Remember HIM ? 

Just about.

Jaysus, I haven’t seen him in Donkeys !

DON – KEYS ! “

I was uncertain as to whether or not I was the subject of this exchange!

I slowed my step as I passed a sharp, South Armagh man of my acquaintance, who was deep in conversation with a local politician, yer man who met the Queen to receive the City Charter.    The talk was clearly of jobs – or the lack of them.

Our former Mayor had that fixed grin on his face that betokens no small measure of internal pain.

“Aye !  YOU have no call !”  said the citizen.

“Shure, you’ve always got the brown envelopes, haven’t you ?”

Both laughed uproariously at this old joke.

It’s the local turn of speech I miss when I’m away!

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