Scary Future

It is vital that people recognise the imminence of cataclysmic affects of global warming and climate change, due to our rampant fossil-fuel-energy economy. The photo below …

… of how Ireland and Britain will appear on maps in our grandchildren’s school atlases as a result of sea-rise when all Earth’s ice and permafrost regions are melted, tells its own story. But it’s only part of the story.

This and subsequent articles outline the immediate and necessary results of a few degrees rise in global temperatures. Remember that we have already witnessed a rise of more than one degree in our industrial days. The rate of increase is hugely accelerating.

Remember too that science has no answer to this problem: there is no magic bullet: there is no way to reverse the inevitable trend of climate warming. The very best that we can hope for should all world governments – and individual consumers – wake up and immediately adopt drastic policies to slow the forward trend, is that we might ameliorate the worst affects of the Armageddon scenario depicted hereafter in this and subsequent articles. And it is almost wholly the fault of our modern greedy, egocentric, energy-guzzling society.


The frenzied and hysterical reaction to the Conservative Party’s timid proposals to curtail unnecessary air travel – and that on a day when it was revealed that planes are flying empty, billowing hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, just to maintain elect routes against rival airline companies – is worrying in the extreme. And it demonstrates how staunchly vested interests will reject any radical solution. ‘Jobs may go in the air travel industry!’ As if that was the major problem. ‘Other countries will take up the slack!’ An appeal to patriotism – the last refuge of the scoundrel.

Much, much more drastic solutions must be contemplated – and then implemented immediately. If not, our future Earth will look something like this…..



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