South East Newry Addresses

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I will no sooner have completed these lists of Newry & District addresses than the corrections/additions will roll in.  Still …  Please feel free!

Grinan Road

Grinan Court

Chapel Road


St Mary’s Villas


Commons Way


Chapel Street


Priory Crescent


O’Neill Avenue


Barley Lane


Canry Villas


Hawthorn Villas


Loughview Park


Home Avenue


Boat Street


Cronin Park


Kilmorey Street


River Street


Quay Street


Warrenpoint Road



Warrenpoint Road


Chapel Hill


Toragh Park


Carnagh Park


Cole Court


Maple Grove


Carlingford Park


Sean O’Neill Park


Ravensdale Villas


Ulster Villas




Kildarragh Close


Darragh Park


Greenwood Drive


Greenan Vale


Greenwood Villas


Warren Hill


Magernnis Villas


Forest Hills


Aughnamoira Road


Bridge Street


Pool Lane


Thomas Street


Cleary Crescent


Glenside Terrace


Dominic Street


Dominican Court


Kiln Street


Johnston‘s Terrace


Corn Market


Francis Street


Peter’s Place


Patrick Street


John Martin Street


John Martin Gardens


James Connolly Park


Michael Mallin Park


Kilmorey Terrace


Pound Road


Monaghan Row


Monaghan Street


Merchants’ Quay


Merchants’ Court


Edward Street


Corry Square


Catherine Street


Magennis Street


Cecil Street


Caulfield Place


Savage’s Terrace




……… more later ……..

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