St Joseph’s Anniversary

St Joseph‘s Boys’ High School is now compiling an exhibition of memories about life in the classroom and school over the fifty years since its original opening in January 1958.

Today’s Principal Mr Hugh Mallon said:

“This is an exciting time for the school and everyone is involved in the events we’re organising to mark the 50th anniversary.  


We are particularly keen to find anyone who still has an old school tie and blazer from the days when the school was known as St Joseph‘s Intermediate School.

This uniform consisted of a black blazer with a yellow and blue stripped tie and was used from the opening until the 1980’s when a grey sweat jumper was the uniform until the mid 90s’, when the uniform used today was introduced.’

If you attended St Joseph‘s as a pupil or staff member during the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s we appeal for you to get in touch with personal memories of your days at St Joseph‘s.  Those memories could be everyday events, from school day anecdotes to those memories contained in old exercise books, items made in craft classes through to photographs of events in school and on school trips.’

If you have any memorabilia which you would allow us to exhibit over the 50th anniversary celebrations planned for January 2008, then please get in touch with the school on 02830262595, by email, by post or drop in to school with your contact details.

Pictures, Memorabilia, Press releases and other news items will be posted on this site

to celebrate the Opening of St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School in January 1958.

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