It’s just ‘shock fatigue’ that we’re all suffering from or we’d be on the streets demonstrating our anger at the massive betrayal – especially of nationalist Ireland – represented by the Stormontgate scandal.

After more than twenty years of painstaking and often painful negotiations, the path to peace was agreed by an internationally-binding Agreement signed by the two Governments and backed by Europe, America, Canada, Australia and the rest of the developed world. The power-sharing Government at Stormont represented the democratic means of implementation of the terms agreed in the Belfast Agreement. Stormont was a huge hurdle, not just to Sinn Fein but to the SDLP as well, a former Unionist monolith where Catholics were never welcome. 

Was justice possible from such an institution, presiding over an unreformed statlet where law enforcement remained the exclusive preserve of an omnipotent and unreformed Police Force (and Army) and justice, of an unreformed judicature; where, despite external appearances, all real power continued to rest with Westminster? 

Many remained sceptical despite the ‘charm offensive’. The SDLP took the huge gamble of supporting the ‘new’ police. The same police that staged the coup d’etat. Who is not left with egg on their faces?


Who directed the death of democracy?  

Did Tony Blair order the sacking of Parliament?

  If so, on what evidence, and from whom? 

Did secocrats act in defiance of their elected Prime Minister?

It has to be one or the other! There is simply no third way!

Why would any Irish nationalist again trust perfidious Albion? The shocking scenes of the sacking of a democratically-elected Parliament Building by heavily-armed police were reminiscent of nothing so much as a Police State.


Now we learn that it was all a clear set-up – that the Police were arresting a Police Agent of twenty-years standing – on the clear pretence that he was acting for the IRA.   More than anyone else, they knew he was their man! 

Dennis Donaldson, Sinn Fein’s Head of Administration in Stormont – a British mole of even greater import that the infamous Stakeknife – was rightly considered – by them – to be powerless to expose the sham, if ever he had intent to so do, for he had betrayed everything he ever stood for (including his ‘co-accused’) and could only pretend outrage, though he had (wittingly or unwittingly) instigated the whole affair.

Bertie Ahearn consults his watch and declares himself, at four in the morning, unable to comprehend it all. He will require further consultation! Tony Bliar is, for the moment, basking in the failure of his negotiations over the Europe budget. He will have to make a statement in Parliament, and soon. Expect more lies and cover-up.

Unionists are ‘outraged’ – aren’t they ever? They demand a public inquiry (‘the only way to get to the truth’, claims empty Empey) that they know will never happen.

The long-awaited Report from the De-Commissioning Commission in January is already redundant. More shock revelations are in the pipeline – not merely more Sinn Fein moles, but evidence of recent secocrat/loyalist collusion in murders. 

But politically, nothing will change.  All trust has gone. Unionists are in power in the North, Westminster and sadly, Dublin (‘Justice’ Minister, McDowall!).

Where can we turn to now, for some resolution?  Does ‘the man in the street’ care any more?   How long before the whole dreadful cycle recommences?

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