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The attached picture was taken by Santanta when his attention was drawn to rumours that someone with a similar name was impersonating him in a GAA community centre in North London.

When Santanta tracked him down there was pandemonium in progress.

Children  of 7 months to their early teens were ‘going mental’ having a good time.

They were being treated to food and a panto and the "impersonator" finished up handing each one a large selection of presents.

Santanta concluded that the impersonator must be the real SANTA!

It was all the more interesting that this particular GAA has nothing whatsoever to do with Gaelic games – the "G" here standing for Gujarati  (Google it!)

The people involved are Hindus and they don’t have a full understanding of all the details of Panto or Santa. 

However as strangers in a strange land they gave a whole lot of joy to a large group of children who blew off a great head of steam and captured some wonderful memories.  The real spirit of Christmas.

Santanta took a picture of the impersonator and remains convinced he saw the real SANTA….

judge for yourselves.


P.S.  Editor’s message to Santanta (and Santa)

subjected the photo to the acid test:  

I asked the ubiquitous Naomi, who personally met the REAL Santa last weekend on his steam railway in Downpatrick:

… ‘I’m not sure … It could be the REAL Santa.  It certainly LOOKS like him!’.

As my favourite film title says … that’s ‘as good as it gets’.


PPS ..

By the way, have you noticed that no one has EVER seen the REAL Santa and Santanta together.

I wonder why this is ….

Have we finally rumbled our only ‘hero member’  ? …

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