Vandalism condemned

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Sadness; Sadness that was so overwhelming I was reduced to tears.  Tears for ‘The Town I Loved So Well’.   In this case of course, my beloved Newry.

Anger; Anger of course that such dreadful scenes are happening there.

Frustration; Frustration that nothing appears to be done to prevent this wanton destruction of Newry and district and the intimidation of the good folk still living there.

If this behaviour is a regular occurrence then I think, for the first time in fifty-four long years, I am glad I no longer live there. Although having said that, I do of course realize that this sickness in society is not merely confined to Newry.  I recently read that over the Border in Dundalk the situation is just as bad. The whole of Britain and Ireland seems to be in the grip of this epidemic.

There will of course be many listed causes but the plainly obvious ones have to be:


excess consumption of alcohol and drugs …. drugs and more drugs.

Parenting or lack of?   I’d rather not go there because parenting is the most difficult and demanding job, especially in the times in which we now live.

As for sealing off the town centre, I can understand how that would, on paper, seem to be a solution to the problem.   I doubt if it would prove practical.   What about illness or fires?   How would ambulances or the fire brigade gain emergency access?

A BIG problem! Is there a solution? We can hope and pray. Can’t we?

John recently asked what readers of the Journal thought was best about the Newry area {Oases of Excellence}.

For me it has to be my memories of growing up there, mostly during World War II times.   A time when people didn’t have much,  so there wasn’t much to steal or covet.  And what folk did have they shared with their neighbours and friends. Then the young people had respect for their elders and knew there was a line that could not be crossed.  That line seems to have long since disappeared!

Is it possible it could ever be replaced?

As I’ve already said. We can hope and pray.

Can’t we?

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