Traffic infringement blitz!

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It’s been remarked that transport trucks – for the enforced removal of such vehicles – have accompanied the red-clad officials. 

We have no reliable figures of numbers of motorists caught, but it’s clear there is no escape – whether you are parked within the car-park of your workplace or even outside your own front door.

Think about the wider ramifications of this onslaught!

How can Sinn Fein endorse the police, under whose protection these people operate?

   The political parties are in election mode.  None dare condone these actions for fear of electoral setbacks.

Gerry Kelly admits he met with extreme opposition at a West Belfast public meeting, not just to any attempt to endorse policing, but indeed to the whole Sinn Fein strategy.

How many locals from Barcroft – or Hennessy Park, two of the areas most recently blitzed – are in the PSNI, ready to endorse and argue in favour of the new ‘traffic-violation’ campaign?

How many local Police Partnership members? 

Who has enough faith even to attend such meetings?

For that matter, how is this meant to ease traffic flow in our new city?

Some will argue that the Redcoats are no longer under the police’s authority – but does anybody dream that they would have attempted such a full assault before the present ‘peace strategy’ was adopted? 

Remember too that each minor motoring infringement creates a criminal out of that motorist.

Unless, that is, you are in the police and then you can continue to hold down your job, unaffected. Figures have shown this to be true, even of drink-driving!

   The latest Barron Report show they get off with mass murder and conspiracy to undermine democratic governments.   But there is no refuge for the ordinary motorist!

The new philosophy of the Redcoats seems to be ….

Why use diplomacy when a battleaxe is in your armoury?


This redcoat wanted directions to the local Argos.

   He has his Christmas shopping to complete.    Now ………..

Listen carefully!

Turn around and go back down

Monaghan Street
as far as Godfrey Bridge.

There, climb on top of the railing. 

Now, on the count of three, jump into the canal!




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