John McCullagh August 29, 2006

I ignored my wife’s advice and walked barefoot along the black volcanic sand.  I reacted to her shouted warnings with a feeble rendition of the Highland fling, dancing towards breaking waves. 

John McCullagh August 29, 2006

One day when I was not at home and our mother was helping Mrs Jeffrey gather wild strawberries in the cow pasture, Sally and Mary Ann watched closely as a large shaggy dog came trotting leisurely down the road from the South.

John McCullagh August 27, 2006

Soon after our arrival in Canada, my father and Barney Quinn got a job with a local farmer, clearing bush from his land. Chopping away one day they spotted what they took to be a wolf eyeing them warily from a distance.  

John McCullagh August 26, 2006

It is exactly two years since we posted results of the archaeological finds in the Loughbrickland area, unearthed at the construction of the new dual carriageway …