Irish Lucky Penny

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  • Rare Original Irish Penny
  • Beautiful Celtic Design
  • Traditional Wooden Frame
  • Free Shipping to UK and US
  • Handmade


Rare Irish penny with traditional wooden frame and celtic design. These pennies stopped being minted in 1962. Most of them were melted down for their copper. The lucky ones survived. Give the gift of luck to a friend of loved one with this beautiful handmade present.



Purchase this rare pre-decimal Irish Lucky Penny, framed in a traditional wooden frame, with celtic design and Irish poem. Give the wonderful gift of luck!

Hand made by us at Newry Journal (as you can probably tell from the photos!).

Previous to 1972, Irish pennies were large, mostly copper coins. In fact, the coin measured 1.215 inches (30.9 mm) in diameter and weighed 9.45 grams. The bronze coin was made up of 95.5% copper, 3% tin and 1.5% zinc. They were also heavy, so loose change put a hefty strain on pockets and purses of the men and women. So much so that it was common place to spend the pennies as quickly as possible in the local pub. Even a modest salary for the times (of around ten pounds per week) if paid in pennies, would be a total of 2,400 pennies and weigh five kilograms (over 11 pounds).

The image shows why these pre-decimal pennies became known as ‘hen’ pennies. These pennies with the image of a hen and chickens on one side and the Irish harp on the other are now extremely rare and have become collector items. Their rarity will ensure they only increase in value making them a true good luck token.

So, if you want to own an important piece of Irish history, or give the gift of luck to a friend or loved one then get one for yourself today!


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