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Poor Clare Newry Nuns 1950s …

To complete the list of Poor Clare nuns resident at 7a High Street in the 1950s, taken from the Elector Roll …

Malirisi Sr M Phillip

Mallen Sr M Vianney

Markey  Sr M Bridget

Murtagh Sr M Francesca

Nolan Sr M Jemima

O’Brien Sr M Ignatius

O’Brien Sr M  Bernard

O’Brien Sr M Dorothea

O’Brien Rev Mother

O’Connor Sr M  Patrick

O’Connor Sr M Baptista

O’Hare Sr M Benedict

O’Hare Sr M Eithne

O’Hare Sr M de Sales

O’Hare Sr M  Margaret

O’Hare Sr M Josephine

O’Mahoney Sr M  Rose

O’Reilly Sr M  Andrew

O’Reilly Sr M Luke

O’Reilly Sr M Sarah

O’Shaughnessey Sr M Colman

Quinlan Sr M Anne

Quinn Sr M Assumpta

Quinn Sr M  Bonaventure

Rooney Sr M Patricia

Ryan Sr M Sylvester

Ryan Sr M Winefride

Stevenson Sr M Joseph

Sweeney Sr M Berchartis

Sheehan Sr M Lily

Strain Sr M Brendan

Tully Sr M Anne

Turley Sr M  Celine

Turley Sr M Bernadine

Turley Sr M Finbarr

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