John McCullagh June 2, 2019

The most recent Ice Age, which lasted in this region from c.30,000-12,000 years B.P. not only determined the topographical character up to the present, but eradicated almost all archaeological evidence of earlier habitation.

John McCullagh December 8, 2010

I know that a great many of you are as fascinated as I am with the Universe beyond this tiny speck of it we occupy.   Have a look at this supurb video clip!

John McCullagh January 29, 2008

Because of the mitochondrial DNA genetic inheritance of  the female line (previous article – with caveats) it is possible for scientists/anthropologists/ geneticists to trace back thousands of years in their search for the origins of races of people. 

John McCullagh January 7, 2008

Though we are happily not aware of it most of the time, we are all familiar with parasites living in our bodies – especially, as now, in winter, when it seems we are constantly assaulted with a host of viruses and bacteria living off us.