Agony Aunt

John McCullagh July 13, 2019

Dear Agnes I’m relying on your discretion here, so don’t let me down. I made my first fortune a few generations  ago, and as well as money it gained me a fine filly.  She soon turned fat and flabby and distinctly self-centred and after a few years she scarpered, taking the childer and a large […]

John McCullagh May 9, 2011

  Dear Agnes, I am plagued by the worst neighbours in the world, who constantly host all-night orgies with thump-thump-thump ‘beats’ going until dawn …  

John McCullagh December 23, 2010

Dear Agnes Our neighbours across the way are the most insufferable snobs who have irked just about everybody in the neighbourhood. 

John McCullagh December 11, 2010

Dear Agnes, My doctor gave me a sealed letter to present to my hospital consultant. Curious both about his reading of my ailment and of his opinion of me, I opened it, read it and resealed it in a new envelope on which I typed the consultant’s name (this originally was hand-written). 

John McCullagh January 13, 2010

Dear Agnes You are a lady noted for your deep compassion.   Surely you, of all people, have a soft spot for Iris ?