Proverbs & Sayings

John McCullagh January 26, 2012

The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians passed on from generation to generation, and for that matter replicated in various guises in a host of other ancient cultures, advises as follows:

John McCullagh March 6, 2006

When Eddie Maguire first got the job of digging graves and tending the lawns up in the cemetery, he was more than content to be well off-side from snooping Dole men, busybody neighbours and sarcastic so-called ‘mates’. 

John McCullagh March 5, 2006

My late and very beautiful friend Sarah Hagan – who sadly parted this mortal coil just a few days ago – was my distant cousin. So distant, one would not normally mention it at all – except for my pride in being related to such a remarkable lady.

John McCullagh February 24, 2006

..that’s in the hands of The Man Above .. referring to anticipated weather for a great event, sporting occasion or the likes. Not to be said in the presence of a priest!!