Tourist Information

John McCullagh December 20, 2011

We have a number of enthusiastic art critics on Newry Journal. What better than a tour of Michaelangelo’s works in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel?

John McCullagh November 18, 2011

The townland of Kilfeaghan forms a wedge shape, rising from the shoreline a few miles beyond Rostrevor up the slope of Cnoc Shee (Fairy Mountain) and facing the flank of Formal. These are the Southern or Low Mournes.

John McCullagh June 22, 2011

The Food Standards Agency send Inspectors regularly to assess the hygiene standards in public establishments where food is stored, processed and served to the public.  

John McCullagh February 17, 2011

The photograph below includes our correspondent William James McCutcheon and a number of local enthusiasts on a walk to find and explore the famous Lissummon Tunnel. 

John McCullagh January 24, 2011

‘Carlingford is beautifully situated on the south-west side of the spacious lough or bay to which it gives its name, and immediately at the base of an extensive range of mountains which terminate at this point. 

John McCullagh January 20, 2011

When they thought it safe to journey through Ireland (i.e. when the ‘natives’ were sufficiently subjugated) various English gentlemen-of-leisure ventured to the smaller island, to give account, in books, diaries and journals, of the new countryside they had explored and the valiant efforts of their fellow-countrymen to bring civilisation to the savages. 

John McCullagh January 15, 2010

On our journey down the Ship Canal that Spring day in 1949 we next encountered, or rather passed on the road to our right, a herring man.  Soon either in Omeath or Carlingford he would be singing out the praises of his wares :