Fun Stuff

Simon McCullagh June 23, 2019

Now Boris was starting to warm to his task He considered his team, and who he might ask – First, scores to be settled, he’d ring Donald Tusk To tell him he stinks like the wild deer musk – That back-stabbing Gove, who betrayed him last time He’d make Brexit chief and post him off […]

John McCullagh June 22, 2019

At one time it would have been deemed an ‘act of God’.  That would be a particularly harsh judgement on the Almighty, in this case. The family car was travelling through the night and far from anywhere when Pallop Thachao was caught short.  They pulled over to the verge and let him out.  He stood […]

John McCullagh June 22, 2019

In Camberwell, East, where the money tree grows Bozo was snorting coke straight up his nose Bleary-eyed, belching and spilling red wine Till suddenly he heard his mate, Carly’s sad whine “You’re so vain, Bozo, you filthy aul Turk Why don’t you go find some real honest work. Put away your Johnson, Boris de Pfeffel […]

John McCullagh June 21, 2019

  I hesitated to ascribe the previous story to an ‘act of God’. Not so this one.     ‘The hillside was a well-known area for young lovers,’ explained the police chief. ‘Unfortunately it also attracts voyeurs spying on their antics.    These three men were peeping toms who liked to hide in an old broken-down […]

John McCullagh June 17, 2019

  I confess to scepticism over the need for these Assertiveness Courses.   [I assume you heard of the two nuns leaving the college? One turned to the other and remarked, ‘Mother Superior, aren’t these Self Assertion Classes just f***ing  great?’].