John McCullagh December 15, 2013

Funeral Oration for Mrs Josie Keenan (nee O’Hanlon) My aunt, Josie Keenan, was born Josephine O’Hanlon on 15th March, 1920, youngest in a family of 3 boys and 4 girls to Owen O’Hanlon and Emma McKnight.  Her siblings were Danny, my father, Katie, Mick, Emma, Rosina and John and they all lived together in beautiful […]

John McCullagh March 25, 2012

Moving slowly over the crest of a gentle hill, man, horse and plough are silhouetted against the evening sky.  They seem like shadowy ghosts from a dim era that have returned as a quiet reminder to a world dominated by and crazed about speed. We cannot put back the clock: but it does seem wrong […]

original author March 15, 2012

Shortly before I ‘packed up’ – continued Sean Crawford – ‘I happened to be in our crowded local Post Office. A lady with the invincible inquisitiveness of her sex spoke loudly to me. ‘Is it true, Mr Crawford, that you are soon to retire?’  Everyone stopped talking and looked in my direction. ‘Madam,’ I replied […]

John McCullagh March 14, 2012

I was browsing the other day and came across the retirement reflections of one Sean Crawford of Warrenpoint.  These are almost 50 years old so I have to take it that the great Sean has passed on.  He has left behind a wealth of reminiscences – and historical notes – which I mine from time […]

John McCullagh January 29, 2012

John Bowman (RTE Reporter for decades) has favourable mention of Newryman, the late great Frank Hall, an early stalwart of the emerging RTE TV channel, in his recent blockbuster history of that channel entitled ‘Mirrors and Windows’.

John McCullagh January 28, 2012

We relished any opportunity for entertainment in those Golden Days of long ago. Most popular of all was the travelling circus. 

John McCullagh November 10, 2011

The local primary schoolchildren of today (Annalong and Moneydarragh Primary schools) composed this musical tribute to Jamie Crawford, and those other Mourne men who perished in the construction of the Silent Valley reservoir.

John McCullagh October 26, 2011

Minnie Caulfield was working in Kensington, London when the bad news of her brother Jamie arrived by telegram.

John McCullagh October 19, 2011

They’ll tell you that coming events are presaged in the present. Sure, if it wasn’t true, there’d be no need for prophets, seers or mediums. If you are disbelieving …

John McCullagh October 13, 2011

‘The very first thing I had to do in London,’ Minnie continued, ‘was to get my hair cut short and wash it in hot water with washing soda. Strong stuff, even to be putting on the clothes!