Night of John Martin


The “Year of John Martin” is being laucnhed at Glenn “John Martin” Social Club Friday 9th March 2012 at 9pm. Everyone welcome, spread the word and bring your friends!! A great opportunity also for the Club to show its full potential and honour the 200th anniversary of the birth of its Patron. All very welcome!!!



Regular readers will have noticed that the Newry Journal is going through a mid-life crisis. We have been adding hair implants, dyeing the grey and keeping things up with some chemical stimulants. However, not all change is bad. The recent changes on the Journal bring some benefits:

  • A much more maintainable system for future viability
  • Better mobile-device support
  • Improved search
  • Comments for each article

We still have a lot to do so bear with us:

  • Most of the photo albums still need fixed
  • The Guest Book needs to be re-instated
  • New Layout – the current layout is temporary while I get time to work on something nicer

Feel free to leave feedback in the Forum.

Ever More Phrases

Julie Fowlis Singing Gig

He’s the spit of himself   the child resembles his father

A bachelor has a loose leg  he can go where he pleases

An old man is but a bed of bones and thus not to be married!

What’s a gentleman but his pleasure and good luck to him!

Don’t turn your tongue on me  I’ll take no scolding from you!

He’s a well-langled man   dominated by his wife

A lucky man’s pot will boil without a fire

He was in his feet    bare-footed

He’s hard till insense   slow to anger

Honest men marry young, wise men not at all

What use is a man’s farm if his wife is a widdy:  ‘widow’

Many’s the man tied a knot with he’s tongue that his teeth cudn’t loosen
– be careful of what you say

A bad reaper blames the scythe  a bad workman blames his tools

I didn’t come up the canal in a bubble! Don’t take me for a fool, I wasn’t born yesterday etc.

If ye fell in a sheuch, ye’d come out smelling of roses etc.

Submitted poems : reflections


Of these three submitted poems, two (namely ‘McParland’s Elder’ and ‘McGinn’) are character based poetic fictionalisations of various characters in and around the town (McParland and McGinn being two distinctly local surnames). ‘McParland’s Elder’ is an ode to the elderly of the city whilst ‘McGinn’ is the story of a man observing his own wake and funeral (not very cheery, granted, but very Irish in it’s outlook nonetheless).

The other poem ‘Going to my Hometown’, is a sonnet written in dedication to the city and was inspired by many of the landmarks dotted around the place (namely, the old red-brick of the Hibernian Club on the Mall and the medieval church up on High St.)

Going to my Hometown

Parading a musty clop along the mall;

Redbrick and granite should glimmer in their boast.

Razing a glint in bier-garten toast,

I’m jealous – their sip, lip-locked – I’m enthralled.

The chivalrous sweat in musical droves,

Saluting the weather with world-weary wink.

The steeples, serene, without rain to drink:

A clan wry, a-flowing – a city of mauve.

Borderline bubble I love you so well.

I source you for boredom, ‘tis true, ‘tis true,

For dryness can seem here the hottest of hells

But I would be dead if ‘twas not for you –

A cynic. A liar. A lover. A son –

A soul wracked to bone mass from valley-sought glue.


Thespian legion of repute and rogue
Wherefore to season my home with your lease?
Cast without shadow and latent in vogue
Celestial yearnings burn without cease.

For human endeavour seems that of beast
When repertoire years are draping the squelch;
No requiem breast nor angel nor priest
In scant distillation can prove what I felt.

And though there were eve’nings in spite of myself,
Where lingered my spoils ‘pon high in the din,
I sired the void, alive and in health,
To slump down, a coward, and die with my sins.

“What friends, indeed, can be said of McGinn?”
Seized up from the swell then through shuffling slits.
‘twas one from my past, though not of my kin,
Who’d shamble my bygones in idler twist.

“Well, let my retort reveal to you this”
Responded my sibling, eye on my corpse,
“He was my brother and though he be missed,
They’ll ravage his ghost with sulphur and scorch;

They’ll send for his passions, singed like a torch,
Drink them to blackness and pluck him from thought.
Heathen of helix and harlequin sport,
Hath thou no inkling, the havoc you wrought?

A bold moment-muse of what we all sought?
Wanting our brother, or what for the word
Could heal you of stealing the years we had brought.
For all that was owed us: a man of the world.”

Only ‘twas then that time, stuck, unfurled
And eve’ning careered t’ward morning, t’ward fate.
When bones hold to dust by death, that old churl, 
My years be reduced to scripture and slate.

For I have been poisoned by seasons in wait –
Weights worth the farthings they stuck to my eyes;
Sliding through epochs that harboured the great
And mock the mere mortals of meaning deprived.

‘tis that, as I laboured ‘mong mirrors they hide,
Residing in pine with beads in their coil,
That creased up and burned my thoughts ‘fore the guide
Of sinner McGinn to a patch in the soil.

My screed reads no softer after such toil,
No smoother a tale to be taught at your teat.
That my soul had not descended to boil,
Nor had I with saints or skivvies to speak.

‘twas in my cortege ‘midst eyes without weep
And great sweeping haloes of droves in their drear
Where I’d come to shamble in rambling grief;
My infinite seal – a death without peer.

The chapel then, ceding in vaulted veneer,
Seemed placid, indiff’rent; a tomb without taste,
And I, of the asinine angular weird,
Sat nursing my years in debt and disgrace;

Though steadfast my legion not to make haste –
Not for the glibness nor gallons nor grime;
Nor e’en for wallowing Whitsuns of waste
Which, woven, made whimsical dust of my time.

No, friends! My kin were not even inclined
To whisper a shudder in lieu of myself;
Their benches, distended in line upon line
Had last term to conjuring sobs where they knelt.

And I, a poor reckoner, dumbfound and welt,
Who picked at his scars with bottle and beak,
Have culled from my friv’lous happ’nings health
And smile that my bygones weren’t utterly bleak.

The service, now ended, spilled out to the street;
The heat of the noon scald shapes and disrobe.
Of courage without, I slunk in the speak
And pictured my corpse garrulous and in globe.

With words said and skies pulled the hollow was lowed,
And dignified drops of a soil were dispensed,
And after the shapes had shuffled their shoad,
I stood for awhile to invite forth the hence.

I stood for a decade in sin recompense,
And pleaded with weathering debris and silt;
I stood for my penance, for death to commence,
Though condemned am I to be held by the hilt.

I cornered my prayers then, my flowers in wilt;
I threatened the heavens with nothing to stake –
But, reader, my anguish is always my guilt.
Is this script appendage enough for my sake?

Plant Hire Is Vital to Irish Business

Plant Hire Ireland

Machinery Hire in Mayo and Donegal is necessary for construction and other related activities. There are wide ranges of machineries like drills, bulldozers, loaders, generators, cranes, welding equipment, and more that you can avail of from local dealers. They also offer delivery services to their clients. Maloney Plant Hire is a great example of a local business doing their best to support other businesses in Ireland and getting things moving again after the pandemic.

Machinery Hire Ireland provides the right kind of support for construction activities. It offers state-of-the-art equipment for all your construction needs. The company also makes use of the latest technologies and tools to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. The range of machineries and tools includes bulldozers, cranes, earthmovers, generators, cable plows, generators, welding equipment, cable machines, scrapers, cutters, and more. They also provide a huge variety in all possible sizes, such as tractor, half, four-wheel drive, wheel loader, hand cart, trench excavator, boom truck, etc.

Machinery Hire in Mayo and Donegal can cater to almost all kinds of construction needs. Some of the common machineries that you may find in their list include: boom lifts, bulldozers, cutters, conveyor belt, cherry pickers, digging trucks, draglines, generators, ice cream trucks, light towers, rollers, skid steers, and graders. Construction projects and large scale machineries are one of the most important components of any construction activity. Machineries Hire in Mayo and Donegal can make sure that your construction project is a success and will reach its full potential.

The most amazing thing about Machinery Hire in Mayo and Donegal is that their machineries are designed and constructed based on your requirements. So whether you want a single machine or a complex network of machines, you can choose from their wide range of machines. In addition, all their machineries are designed to withstand various weather conditions.

Machinery Hire in Mayo and Donegal has a wide variety of skilled workers to man the machines. These workers are well trained so that they can be called upon at any time. Machinery operators usually take up training after a couple of years of working in the industry. These Machinery Hire workers have a lot of experience in manufacturing, which helps them handle tasks easily. These machineries help in the production of concrete, steel, aluminum, cement, sheet metal, tiles, bricks, etc. You name it and they will manufacture it!

Machinery Hire in Mayo and Donegal not only offers raw materials but also provide machineries to manufacture it. Some of the machineries used by construction companies include: earthmoving equipment, bulldozers, line cranes, heavy equipment, cable plows, saws, welding equipment, power graders, water pumps, and many more. Machineries need to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure their proper working condition so that they perform efficiently. Machineries hire in Donegal and Mayo are well reputed to ensure that your machineries are in good hands. Machineries hire are a necessity for all types of construction firms.

Kitchens Newry

kitchens Newry

There are many kitchen shops that are located in Newry. There are plenty of places where you can buy kitchenware and other accessories in this town. Some kitchen shops also have to take away and delivery services for some of the best meals that you will ever eat in your life. In order to fully enjoy all that the best kitchen shops in Newry offer, it is important to go there on a regular basis.

One of the best kitchen shops in Newry is the Best Kitchen Shops. This shop offers a lot of items for the home as well as commercial kitchens. There are wooden cookbooks, casseroles, dishes, and condiments for all types of food. If you are an avid reader then this may be just what you were looking for. The Newry kitchen shops all offer books that can be used for reference purposes.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special then you might want to consider a kitchen gift basket or a kitchen cart. There are some amazing designs for kitchen carts and baskets. These are available at some of the best kitchen shops in Newry. The designs and colors are available in all kinds of sizes so you can choose the size that best fits the person you are buying for.

The Best of Kitchen Shops

kitchen shops Newry

If you need an everyday cookbook then you should consider buying a Newry kitchen cookbook. This book is made specifically for people from Newry and contains recipes for all types of meals. You will be able to find many healthy meals that you can enjoy every single day. The Best Kitchen Shops in Newry carries these cookbooks and they are available online. The shopping experience is one of the most enjoyable things to do in this town.

If you are a foodie then you will love the selection of food in one of the best kitchen shops in Newry. There is a wide range of food from seafood to Indian to Chinese to Italian to Middle Eastern foods. The best kitchen shops in Newry also have a small selection of gourmet food, wine and champagne to compliment all the different cuisines. The selection includes everything from soup to sushi and everything in between. You will definitely enjoy the wide array of food that is available. The prices range from affordable to high end but you are sure to find something you will love.

If you are shopping for an item to use in your home then you might want to consider looking into the Newry Fondue. The name says it all and it is a popular item in the Best Kitchen Shops in Newry. The price range is reasonable and it will provide everyone with a wonderful shopping experience. There are several different styles and colors to choose from so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for when you shop for this type of fondue pot.

One of the most popular items in Newry kitchen shops are the cookbooks and recipe books. There are hundreds to choose from and each one is filled with recipes that can be used for every meal. Most cookbooks will provide instructions on how to prepare certain items and also give ideas on how to modify other items to make them unique. You are guaranteed to find a cookbook that meets your needs and cooking style. Some of the more popular recipe books include some of the famous ones such as French cooking, Italian cooking, Greek cooking and even some celebrity recipes.

When you are looking for one of the best kitchen shops in Newry, you will want to visit several different stores. This is the best way to ensure that you are getting the perfect item for your kitchen needs. You can compare prices, select items and see the different amounts of discounts that are available. When you shop in Newry, you are bound to have an enjoyable shopping experience.

Furniture Shops Newry

Furniture Shops Newry

Furniture shops are perhaps the one of the best places to shop for all your home and garden requirements. There is a huge range of furniture shops that are available and the choices seem endless. One can even find great deals on these shops. There are many furniture shops in Newry, which offer great variety. One can select from the traditional to the modern designs.

The wooden furniture shops in Newry offer one of the most stylish and appealing types of furniture. The wooden benches, chairs and tables help you beautify your garden or lawn. The wooden benches are available in various colours and sizes and one can find one of them according to their needs and specifications.

You can also visit the metal furniture shops and find all kinds of items in different styles. The choice of metal items is huge and they are available in different designs, shapes and sizes. One can choose from the classic designs to the modern ones.

The best furniture stores in Newry have some excellent collection of office furniture as well. You can get some office chairs, filing cabinets, computer desks, bookcases and sofas in the store. You can also find the display cabinets at reasonable prices. These furniture items help you to enhance the beauty of your office.

Furniture Shops in Newry

The wooden furniture is the best option for those people who want to decorate their house with furniture made up of wood. The wooden furniture can be used in the rooms like living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen etc. You can also find some furniture shops in Newry that sell some of the antique furniture. These furniture are made from various materials such as oak, pine, maple, walnut, mahogany, cherry etc.

The furniture shops in Newry that sale items for the home also have various options to cater to the needs of the customer. There are different kinds of furniture available to buy from the shops. You can find some furniture to enhance the beauty of your home. Some of these shops have a wide range of furniture such as bedroom furniture, living room furniture, office furniture, kid’s furniture and many more. You can also find some furniture for your garden or lawn.

You can also find some fantastic deals at the furniture shop in Newry. You can save money by going for the sale on the day when the retail price is reduced. Some of the furniture sold in the shop are sold at discounted prices because they are being withdrawn from the stores. This is done to make room for new furniture to be stocked in the stores.

If you are planning to give your house a makeover, then you should visit the furniture shops in Newry and see what furniture pieces you would like to buy. You can bring an image or picture with you so that the sales staff can tell you exactly what you are going to buy. You can also browse the internet to find out furniture shops in Newry that are selling good quality furniture at attractive prices. Most of these furniture shops have their online store, where you can check out the latest collections of furniture. Many of these shops have mail order services and you can place your order over the internet and get the furniture delivered at your doorstep.

There are many furniture shops in Newry that you can go to for shopping. These shops stock all types of furniture ranging from traditional to modern designs. You can also find some furniture shops in Newry that specialize in selling only designer furniture. You can find some very unique pieces at these shops. You can browse the internet to find out more about these furniture shops and their sales and discounts.

You can also find some great bargains at the furniture sale that happen at different times of the year. The sale might be for one or two months and during this time you will find some amazing offers. You can get some really good furniture at the sale and for very low prices. Some of these shops also offer to put furniture that you buy at the sale up for sale again later.

You can also use the internet to find out about upcoming furniture shops in Newry. The information that you find on the internet can save you a great deal of time and energy as you can simply do the research online and you will find out when the next furniture sale is taking place. You should however make sure that the website that you are using has contact details and an online catalog of their furniture. This will help you to contact them if you need any further information after you have bought your furniture.