North Street Murals: more …

We present the second of three slideshows of the North Street Murals – with our own comments!

The first image here is of a cow and a milk churn, with a young mother and baby depicted in front of the North Street shops.  Next:  Thomas P Ledlie’s was a large drapery store on North Street long ago and appropriately enough it is depicted here with four assistants and a lady shopper in front of it.

On a number of these murals are ladies with 19th century prams, as here on Number seven, in front of W V Hoggs, Jewellers. There are some lads playing in the street and a few pails in doorways. Bannons Drapers and House Furnishers are well-remembered by the older generation. This time we are in the 20th century with a mother, father and daughter dressed appropriately for winter.

Number nine mural is recessed some 15 feet back, though this is not evident from the ‘New Road’. Pictured here is a girl making her confirmation, her fine dress apparently mismatched with two pigs in the street, a sty and a male figure in the background.

There is a nice touch in the final image of this slideshow with a book of local author Seamus MacConmara seen on a table of the MacMahon’s local barber’s shop where a man is having a haircut! The Reporter which he is reading has a feature on the Newry Dock Strike (1907) and, as a comic aside, a back-page reference to a Murals on Wall story!

…. More on the murals later ……..

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