John McCullagh July 22, 2011

  Ballinlare Gardens, in 1960, was the home of our readers Mark Byrne, Peter Cunningham and Brian Fitzpatrick (and I hope, other readers) … and they will especially enjoy reminiscing on the following list of their good neighbours of a former time.

John McCullagh June 28, 2011

  I would like to submit this short article in response to Tom Wharton’s query about Newry’s Columban Hall…

John McCullagh April 23, 2011

  The reader can compare this list with our previous one of a generation earlier. Even this, of just fifteen years ago, includes several old friends who has since passed on : Sean Hollywood and Ben Hughes are just two examples.

John McCullagh April 23, 2011

  I commented the other day on how High Street in Newry has become a major throughpass to the great detriment to the remaining residents of this, perhaps the oldest street in the town. Even those who hail from other parts have likely had roots here in generations before.