Ships Lists: Buchanan 1765


The eighteenth century saw some of the earliest emigration from Ireland to the new American colonies.  Here in Ireland this century saw the greatest confiscation of land from the majority Catholics and its re-allocation to Protestants. 

The penal laws remained very much in force and the future looked anything but bright for Catholics or Dissenters [Presbyterians, mainly].  There was a greater fraction of the latter which looked to the new Colonies and indeed for the next eighty years they constituted the larger part of Irish emigrants. 

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1916 Shipping Disaster


The fateful year of 1916 will long be remembered in world history. The Great War – the war to end wars – exacted a terrible toll in young men’s lives, especially at the Somme in France where in one day alone, 1 July, 19,000 young British troops – many of them, indeed, Irish (no part of Ireland was free then), some from Ulster and many from other parts of Ireland – perished in a fruitless attempt to relieve the French.

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Hannah Sails


The plight of the poor has always proved a fruitful opportunity for unprincipled entrepreneurs to line their own pockets.

By the mid-nineteenth century records of Shipping Intelligence for British ports (including the Port of Newry) show dominance of imports from British North America –

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