Maritime History

John McCullagh June 6, 2019

The fateful year of 1916 will long be remembered in world history. The Great War – the war to end wars – exacted a terrible toll in young men’s lives, especially at the Somme in France where in one day alone, 1 July, 19,000 young British troops – many of them, indeed, Irish (no part […]

John McCullagh October 25, 2010

Those who continue to harbour dreams of a glorious future for Newry Canal are grossly misguided, to say the least: for most of the 19 mile stretch from Newry to Portadown it is so silted up (I estimate an average 3 inches of water)…

John McCullagh March 17, 2007

It is more than two years since we listed, and gave details, of the more than thirty vessels sunk within the Carlingford Lough over the past century and a half, with great loss of life.

John McCullagh June 23, 2006

Considering the season of the year, the passage of the Hannah from Newry to Quebec up to the 27 April 1849 was as favourable as one could expect.    But the season was most unsuited to such a sailing.