John McCullagh June 16, 2019

History of Newry Workhouse   [Part 2] by John McCullagh BA , BSc Prior to the 1830s some little local Poor Relief was sporadically offered – mainly through the Churches – in almshouses to orphans and to the most destitute.  Under the Poor Law Act of that decade a central Board, known until 1847 as the Poor […]

John McCullagh June 14, 2019

No relief from poverty in Ireland existed before the 1840s, when 106 Poor Law Unions were established throughout Ireland. Newry Union, one of the largest and covering an area roughly equivalent to that of Newry and Mourne Council, provided indoor relief for 1,000 paupers. The Clerk of the Union and the Master who worked under […]

John McCullagh December 6, 2006

There is not in this Green Isle a Union so sweet As the workhouse of Newry where Guardians do meet The last rays of feeling and joy must depart Ere the bloom of their counsel shall fade from my heart

John McCullagh January 20, 2004

In January 1847 there were 111,000 people in Irish workhouses built to accommodate 100,000.  By 1851, a full five years after the Government had declared the Famine over and knighted Trevelyan for his efforts, there were 918 inmates in Newry Workhouse.