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You’d be up for child cruelty today if they heard you let the wee ones lick the bowl in which the cake ingredients were mixed!

There was a dogfight every time in our house for the opportunity.  I’m trying to remember the taste…  easy when it contained rich seasoning, ginger or dried fruit.. whatever, we loved it and fought over it.  It took mum to brandish the wooden spoon before peace could be restored.  We must have felt that wooden spoon in anger more than once, for no lion-tamer’s whip could have been more effective in restraining us!

It had to be wielded too to keep us off the cooling confections.  Mum determined a minimum time before the new cake of bread could be cut.  We paced like convicts in anticipation.

Rachel: 3


The next morning my vehicle pressed its way through the sand-encrusted track that was the main street and there I saw Rachel, just as she had said – sitting with her friends.  A smile broke across her dark complexion as she stood up and walked in the direction of my on-coming land cruiser. 

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Philosophic Driver


In their desperation to retain the few bus conductors they had managed to recruit, the East Thanet Bus Company found accommodation for those who required it, with landladies in the immediate vicinity. They, of course, were of the xenophobic, nagging, take-it-or-leave-it type and, difficult as it may be to believe, we found it genuinely preferable to work as long hours as possible, in order to avoid their company. And their soggy dinners. 

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