John McCullagh July 31, 2019

I sought Him on the purple seas,I sought Him on the peaks aflame: Amid the gloom of giant trees And canyons lone I called His name;The wasted ways of earth I trod;In vain; in vain! I found not God. I sought Him in the hives of men,The cities grand, the hamlets grey,The temples old beyond […]

John McCullagh July 20, 2019

Heaven’s right ‘n sweet, I guess In no rush to get there Been a sinner, more or less Maybe won’t fit in there. Wicked still, gotta confess Might just pine a bit there! Heaven’s swell, preacher says But got so used to earth here Had such good times all the way Frolic, fun and mirth […]

John McCullagh July 11, 2019

Blinne’s Stream St Moninna of Killeavy was also known by the pet name Blinne (spelling variations: for ‘baby’).  The following poem is sung to the same air as The Bell of Bronagh –  a favourite of Matthew McGrath of Star of the Sea Church Rostrevor – words by Siobhan O Duibhainn. It is likely that […]

John McCullagh July 11, 2019

Of these three submitted poems, two (namely ‘McParland’s Elder’ and ‘McGinn’) are character based poetic fictionalisations of various characters in and around the town (McParland and McGinn being two distinctly local surnames). ‘McParland’s Elder’ is an ode to the elderly of the city whilst ‘McGinn’ is the story of a man observing his own wake […]