Pre 1800

John McCullagh February 25, 2020

Although clearly built for military fortification, Narrow Water Castle (the Keep on the Loughside, as distinct from the residence of Major Hall on the demesne behind the trees) is a fairly typical example of the Tower Houses erected throughout Ireland from the 15th to the 17th centuries.

John McCullagh February 17, 2020

Isaac Corry was just 21 when he was first elected to the Dublin Parliament representing Newry. His failed opponent challenged the result and fought a duel with Corry where the former was slightly wounded.

John McCullagh February 10, 2020

The Census of County Down 1659 [PRONI T497] distinguishes between Scotch (by which was meant Protestants of Scottish or English origin) and Irish (meaning native Irish or Roman Catholic). It was shortly after the rebellion of 1641 and the suppression that followed it. Cromwell’s vengeful and terrible retribution of 1649 was both bloody and protracted. […]

John McCullagh February 1, 2020

The mid to late 1700s was among the darkest periods for the great majority of the Irish people, dispossessed, disenfranchised, barred from holding public office or filling most positions of employment because of their Catholic faith, landless and spoken of, and to, as inferior beings. The feelings engendered were exacerbated by living among others who […]

John McCullagh September 10, 2011

Henry Joy McCracken’s political activities alarmed the authorities and they concluded that he was one of the more dangerous of the United Irishmen conspirators.