1641-1956 Newry Events

1641       Sir Con Magennis briefly took Newry for the Irish in the Rebellion.  It was shortly retaken by Lord Conway.  In the following years it changed hands intermittently.
1642        Scots Army under General Robert Monroe took and pillaged town and executed a number of inhabitants as an example.
1650        A Presbyterian Church, first in town, opened High Street.
1655        Bagenal family returned and started rebuilding the town.

1688        James II granted a new charter to the town, incorporating it.  But William of Orange’s invasion prevented its enactment.
1689        Duke of Berwick, an illegitimate son of James II, burned Newry to the ground rather than let it fall into the Williamites’ hands.  Only one castle and 5-6 houses left standing.  King William’s General (Duke of) Schomberg stayed in Newry on his way to the Boyne.
1703        Irish House of Commons paid

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