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  1. For attention of John Mc Cullagh: I have enjoyed many of your articles on old Newry. Especially the lists of residents and former soldiers who served in World war 1. I have discovered, whilst researching a Keenan relative that a Peter Keenan , born Newry was in the Navy at Trafalgar in 1805 (HMS Minotaur). Further research revealed that 57 Newry men were in the fleet at that time. One young man, Andrew Sloane (16 yrs) was actually on HMS victory when Nelson was killed . WWW national archives. has the complete lists. Search under place of birth and add *newry* (including asterisks). I thought this would make an interesting article for your readers. More exciting revelations in geanealogy in the UK at present are the UK treasury records which have now been found to list all the archers as far back as the battle of Crecy and Agincourt. Perhaps Newry men were putting up two fingers to the French then??

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