Boys of Mullaghbawn


On a Monday morning early
my wandering steps they’d lead me
Down by a farmer’s station
through meadows and green lawn
I heard great lamentation
the small birds they were warbling
We’ll have no more engagements
with the boys of Mullaghbawn

I beg your pardon, ladies, but grant me this one favour
I hope it is no treason on you I now must call
I’m condoling late and early, my heart is near to breaking
All for a noble lady that lives near to Finnae

Squire Jackson he’s unequalled for honour and for reason
He never turned traitor nor betrayed the rights of man
But now we are in danger from a vile deceiving stranger
Who has ordered transportation for the boys of Mullaghbawn

As our heroes crossed the ocean I’m told the ship in motion
Did stand in great commotion as if the seas ran dry
With the trout and salmon gaping the cuckoo’s left her station
Farewell to old Killeavey and the hills of Mullaghbawn

To end my lamentation we’re all in consternation
For want of education I here must end my song
Who cares for recreation without consideration
We’re sent for transportation from the hills of Mullaghbawn.

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Life Poem


Covet neither wealth nor the prize it brings
Lest you make material things your master.
Nurture your inner self. Whatever your role in life
Seize every chance to be of assistance to others
And God’s happiness will shine through and on you.

Hold fast to family and friends. Put your children first.
They are your passport to eternity on earth.
Shower them with love, even when they are most ungrateful.
You have but a few short years to form their character.
Show respect for age and for the ageing process too
But ..’Let not time brag thou wanderest in his shade’.

Know, and learn to live with your own faults and failings
And you will grow in wisdom. Make allowance ..
But do not allow others to take advantage of your goodness.
Now and then give free rein to your spirit of adventure.
Dance to the music of life.
Have no care if you look a fool for love.
Live those days of childhood innocence
On holiday, and ignore that mirror on the wall.
Be always ready to learn. Each day and every person can teach a new lesson
But remember that your best friend is within you.
This above all else, – to thine own self be true.
If you are faithful, you are worthy of trust.
Search for the beauty – it is always there.
Suffer pain in silence. Love God. Do your duty.
Champion justice. Celebrate the good fortune of others.
Know how to relax, in silence and in your own chosen place
And you will be your own haven of peace and a guide to others.

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