John McCullagh June 23, 2019

The Classical Greek Come sit down a while, and I’ll tell you a story Recall famous glories and honour the dead And hope that a smile will crack all of your faces And cares and all worries go out of your head. I’ll sing of some lads with exceptional qualities All of them geniuses, truly […]

John McCullagh June 11, 2019

Pangur Ban ‘I and Pangur Ban my cat ‘Tis a like task we are at:Hunting mice is his delightHunting words I sit all night Better far than praise of men ‘Tis to sit with book and pen;Pangur bears me no ill will,He too plies his simple skill. ‘Tis a merry thing to seeAt our tasks […]

John McCullagh June 9, 2019

Farewell to every hawthorn hedge, from Killeen to Belleeks  And every pool of sticklebacks and every shady creek

John McCullagh June 7, 2019

In the bygone days of yore Life was slower – that’s for sureEverything was in its placeGod in heaven, no rat race In the home, a nuclear familyMum and dad and baby EmilyHe’d help her and they’d be happyThough he’d never change that nappy! Dad worked hard to earn our fareMum was kindly – always […]

John McCullagh March 22, 2012

Old Meg she was a gypsy And lived upon the moors Her bed it was the brown heath turf And her house was out of doors. Her apples were swart blackberries Her currants, pods of broom Her wine was dew of the wild white rose Her book, a churchyard tomb. Her brothers were the craggy […]