Going Home

We like to encourage local talent.  Catherine McGrath, of Shore Road, Rostrevor has had the following short poem chosen for publication elsewhere.  We wish her the best of luck.  I’m sure many a lonely emigrant will shed a quiet tear reading her words!

Catherine McGrath  ( age 13)


I feel the wind blowing through my hair,
There’s something magic in the air,
A snowflake falls onto cheek
Miles of whiteness are all I can see.

Two children run, chasing each other, 
Under the watchful eye of their mother,
Who watches from the windowsill;
As the excitement of Christmas starts to sink in.

I’m finally home for this time of year,
Familiar faces to greet me with cheer
I’d almost forgotten what home really means,
A place full of happiness, joy and peace.

As I look around me from the old oak tree,
I remember my past, the happy, young me,
I see myself run with my brothers and sisters,
Flashbacks of my childhood are all I can picture.

And here I stand after all of these years,
Being back home makes my eyes fill with tears
I’ve finally returned to the place that I love,
The one place I belong, the place I am from.

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