School Days

John McCullagh February 25, 2012

Amazingly, it is thirty-six years ago.  I have two children older than that!  I’d like to learn where they all are now. (No!  Not my children.  They keep me informed.  The Abbey boys, I mean!).  Here’s a start!  

John McCullagh September 20, 2011

Tom Wharton has been good enough to contribute here regularly.  Payback time!  We have found his old school photo!  We will show it in 4 slices, A B C and D.  This is C because it includes Tom!

John McCullagh August 4, 2011

Isn’t it amazing how expressive – how illustrative – indeed how thoroughly familiar are the old black-and-white photos of our childhood? The central figure in this poignant tableau is Ann Boyle of Castle Street.  Her proud father Louis Boyle – Newry taxi-driver when there were no more than a half-dozen of them altogether – shows […]

John McCullagh June 15, 2011

After three years at University and a year of teacher training, which included three extended stints of ‘teaching practice’ in a variety of schools, I finally faced a class of teenage boys alone, and literally shook with trepidation.

John McCullagh March 21, 2011

The final slice of the 1957 Windsor Hill schoolchildren features (Middle, right) Hilary Frazer who went on in adulthood to marry David Cunnungham, principal of Kilkeel High School.