Old School Friends

Meeting occasional visitors at the ‘paper’ train that arrived from Belfast at 7 pm.  Then a ride home in Sam McCullough’s Austin taxi.

As far as schools are concerned I don’t recall having any class photos being taken.  If I am mistaken, I don’t remember ever seeing one.

The principal’s name at the Model School, 1942 to 1948, was Edward McCleod.  A terrific teacher and a strict disciplinarian.  Some of my classmate names were William Wallace, Valerie McCullough, Madge Dalzell, Stanley Campbell, Mack Gillespie and Arlene Carroll.

Then at the Grammar School, 1948 to 1952, the principal was Jim Greenlees. Classmate names were Colin Turner and Roger McWilliam from Rostrevor, Ronnie Wilson, June Brown and Adrienne Crozier from Warrenpoint, Ann Kennedy, Noel McCullough, Perry Gabby, Jean McClelland and Billy Niblock.

I wonder where they all ended up?

It was a great place to grow up and looking back, I consider myself very fortunate to have lived there.  I know things have changed greatly since then.  But that is the great thing about memories.  They remain with us for our enjoyment.

I’m sure I will remember more items after I send this but I do hope it provides some insight for you.  Please let me know if I can add anything further.

……  end …….

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