Meadow: Pigeons [1]

There’s a man up in Chinatown still keeps pigeons in a loft out his back.

My attention was drawn by the swish and flap and rhythmic beat of wings as the playful, mischievous flock wheeled, and dove and rose triumphantly above my head.

I must divert for a second!

Do you remember the comic-cuts of old? They too – like the Sundays of today – offered free gifts to help persuade the buyer to take the Beezer, for example, over the Topper!

I’m thinking of one free gift in particular that was periodically offered: it was a large multi-coloured cardboard wedge, with a doubled-over brown paper flap folded inside at one end only; gripped firmly in your better hand, you drew a sharp downward arc and that flap was suddenly forced from the inside out, with an accompanying loud, sharp report!

This BANGGGGG!!!!!! was the whole point of the exercise! Not only did it draw quick attention to you, it also caused all the aul’ wans to jump for fright!

‘Jaysus, chile, ye put the heart outa me!’

Boy, were we aisy amused!

Anyway, that’s the sound the flock produced now,  as it suddenly – as if on cue – made a 270

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