Dialect – Phrases

John McCullagh January 25, 2005

Terms of abuse:   Lig         silly, ‘he’s just a lig’; act the lig: pay no heed to that lig!  

John McCullagh July 16, 2004

We’ve had a request for more proverbs, or local sayings if you prefer it.  You too can add your own just by contacting us, on ‘Contact Us’ at the very bottom of this and every page.   Why no try the previous exercise of translating each one for the benefit of those who interpret them […]

John McCullagh June 28, 2004

Wise local sayings of the past, like proverbs in any language refer to a much wider field than that of the animals, people or things alluded to.  As a mental exercise, why not imagine you are explaining the real meaning of each to a visiting non-English speaking tourist!  

John McCullagh May 13, 2004

Thatched roofs were certainly warm in winter and cool in summer.  These advantages were welcome to other creatures than man.  The canopied bed came into existence to protect the sleeper from bugs and insects dropping from the thatch.