Insulting Expressions

Local expressions – mainly insulting!

What can you expect from a pig but a grunt?

She had a face on her like a Lurgan spade  [i.e. especially long!]

He’s legs that wudn’t stop a pig in a gap.

They niver drowned much that reared you!

Many’s a good cow has a bad calf.

Don’t get yer beard in a blaze.

Away an’ have a titter of wit.

He’s like somethin’ the cat dragged over the half-dure of a frosty morning.

You might as well look for feathers on a frog.

Troubles never come singly, as the man said when his wife died, and worse, his hen quit laying.

Slap up, there’s more in the pot.

Will ye let me put ye past the gander?

Well, that just takes me to the fair.

Below is a translation, for those of you too long away!

He has no rearing to start talking like a civilized person.
She showed her disappointment on her face.
The poor chap is bow-legged.
You earned the customary fate of an unwanted litter of kittens!
This guy’s unworthy of his parentage.
Calm down!
Have sense!
He looks particularly dishevelled.
That is a vain search.
A sad commentary on the countryman’s sense of priorities.
Would you like a second helping?
Would you like to take a walk with me?
I’m especially impressed [dumbfounded!]

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