Mixed Phrases

Terms of abuse:

Lig         silly, ‘he’s just a lig’; act the lig: pay no heed to that lig!

Nyaff      small, impudent person

‘Yon nyuck’s a nyaff who’d giv’ ye the nyerps!’
Paghal          n. 1 useless worker;
                   n. 2 clothing bunched up at one’s rear end 
                   v. to get into difficulties
Boghal         boy (from Irish bauchaill)
Sloother       to cook badly; slabber, liquid mud
                   n. over-affectionate, given to making ‘cupboard love’
Tappy          silly old woman or hen
Flooster       confused, fussy, such a person
Glype           foolish, senseless person
Crowl           doubled-up person
Cutty           young girl; clay pipe; young boy.

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