More (insulting) expressions

Local Sayings, some still in common usage

Marry your daughters early, lest they marry themselves

Marriages and hangings are matters of luck

There’s more to marriage than four bare legs in a bed

He who marries for love has good nights but sorry days

Wedlock is a padlock

Born on the wrong side of the blanket [issue of unmarried parents]

That takes the cake!  [i.e. can’t be bettered for brazen cheek!]

He can handle his feet bravely [he dances well]

The road was not wide enough for his walking [he stumbled home drunk]

There’s no luck in a dry bargain [have a drink over it]

His rearing was no better than his schooling [what do ye expect from a pig but a grunt?]

Crooked as a dog’s hind legs [corrupt]

As cross as two sticks

Let him cool in the skin he warmed in [no sympathy for a hothead]

I’ll brain ye!  Give you a leathering. [expect a physical assault!]

I’ll put the laugh on the other side of yer face [punish you for sneering]

I cud lick the seed, breed and generation of you [I have no fear of any of your clan]

Ah’ll lave yer mouth like a torn pocket

I’ll wipe yer neb and it won’t be with a hanky

God is where he was.  Don’t worry!

You’re a sight for sore eyes [so good to see you it’s like a tonic]

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