Common Phrases 4

Tack       bad taste  [tacky]

Biddable  obedient
Scrunty  small
Well put-on  well dressed
Doin’  bravely   thriving, feeling fairly well
Deave [dave]   to stun with noise
Stroe     straw
Duke     crouch
Fadge   a piece of bread
Soople  active
Blether-cum-skite   silly person
Can’t see a stine blind
Sonsy   healthy or lucky
Cornaptious  irritable
Speel   climb
Smit   infect
Gunk   disappoint
A harl o’bones very thin person
Set up entirely    ‘made-up’, gob-smacked, delighted
                 [times the opposite, unable to proceed’]
Shill     shell
Sned   the shaft of the scythe
Lash   a great effort, ‘give her a lash’
Let-on   pretend
Spencal  rope to tie goats
Brightify  make bright
Slithery   slippery
Daunder  walk slowly
Setting-down   scolding, ‘he got the great setting-down from her’


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