Place Names/Irish: Latt etc


Tullyhappy Tulach Apaidh  – the ripe mound
Sturgan      – the peak
Skegatillida  Sceach a’tSeilide – the snail’s thorn bush
Maytown Maigh Tamhain – plain of the herds
Maghernahely Machire na’chilin – plain of the little church
Lissummon  (actually Lissemor) – great fort
Goragh      – goat-grazing place
Latt     – cattle-grazing place
Killybodagh  coil na mBodach – churl’s wood
Keggal cagal   – cockle or tare’s land
Drumbanagher  druimbeanchair – peaked ridge
Duvernagh Dubh Bhearnach – black gap
Cloughreagh  cloch riach  – grey stones
Carrickcruppen carraig chropain – outcrop rocks
Carricknagalliagh [na gCailleach]- rock of the veils
Ballynaleck  baile na leac  – townland of flagstones
Carrickbracken [bhreacain] – speckled rock

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Newry Film Club: Incendies


This Wednesday at 7.30 pm in the Arts Centre, Newry Film Club presents their latest offering, the highly-acclaimed film Incendies.

A mother’s last wish sends twins Jeanne and Simon on a journey to the Middle East in search of their tangled roots.

The film tells the powerful and moving story of two young adults’ voyage to the core of deep-rooted hatred, never-ending wars … but also enduring love.

It was adapted from the play of Wajdi Mouawad, of the same name.

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Corn Dolly

corn dolly newry

The last stalks of corn were cut an’ when they wur  plaited they wur taken to the house.  Then there wus singin’ and fun.


An’ all wud sing be ear but there wus one man cud do it be note.  He wus called ‘Geordie Look-Up’ because of he’s way of walkin’ an’ all the neighbourin’ ladies wud be there till hear him.

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Fews Glossary: S 1

Dialect ‘S’ 1 of 7
Sack            dismiss, also bags of all sizes
Saggans       tall reeds or plants growing in water
Sally            willow, a sally rod once used for corporal punishment
Salted          ‘well salted’, paid above the going rate
Say              ‘he has no say in his house’
                   agree, ‘Say with her! It saves trouble.’
Scad            little, short
Scaldsome   troublesome
Scollops       rods sharpened at both ends, then doubled and driven into the scraws in thatching
Scope          scoup, hollow out or excavate
Score           scratch, ‘score her eyes out’
Scrab           scratch, ‘Mary scrabbed me, ma’
Scranch       crunch or crush
Scrant          ‘bad scrant till ye for yer cheek!’, begone!  Ill luck to you
Scrapers      feet, ‘wipe yer scrapers before you come in’
Scraws        sods
Screed         a story
Scringe        creak, borrow
Scroggy       waste land of bracken or briars
Scrub           mean: also occasionally affectionate term, ‘a taking wee scrub that’, a fine child
Scruff           back of the neck
Scrunt          useless, small
Scuffed        shabby
Scum           to skim, ‘scum the milk’
Scunder       dislike
Scundered    devastated, ‘I was scundered when it happened’

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