Ghost ‘broke wine’

Pat Brannon was an old man who lived alone in a two-roomed cottage in the townland of Federagh.  The house consisted of the kitchen and the room.  Pat lived in the kitchen and never used the room.  Sure he didn’t need it, didn’t he have all he required in the kitchen?
However on one occasion he decided it was a pity to let the room go to waste so he ‘flitted’ his bed down to the room.
He tried to sleep the night there but in the early hours the ghost got into bed along with him.  As he said later,
I wouldn’t have minded the ghost in the bed on’y it munched biskakes and broke wine in me face’.
Pat got up and took a blackthorn stick and he bate the bed up and he bate the bed down.  He said to the Ghost,
‘Who are ye and what do ye want?’.. and The Ghost replied,
‘I wus here before ye, Brannon, and I’ll be here after ye!’ 
Then Pat said,
‘If ye give me till the morning, you’ll be here be yerself!’
And the next morning he flitted back to the kitchen and had no further trouble. 
But wasn’t that the holy terra of a ghost, munching biskakes and breaking wine in he’s face?


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