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One could sit on the hob seat in the fireplace which was high, deep, rough and soot-encrusted. The flickering flames of the fire ………..

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Rifleman McAlister : reprise


On Tuesday 20th Nov, I received an e/mail from Martin Cunningham. He informed me that his father was a nephew of Bernard McAlister.  I contacted Martin and arranged to meet him and his father on Wednesday 21st.

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Isaac Corry betrays Ireland


Benedict Arnold is infamous in American history as that country’s most renowned traitor. Unfortunately Newry is better remembered for our home-grown traitors than for our several heroes. This article focuses on two of the more influential traitors. It is the present author’s opinion that their betrayal is comparable with that of Arnold’s.

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Irish Dancing


When first I was hauled unwillingly to the Foresters’ Hall in William Street, I looked askance at my mother and uttered the great question, WHY?

No way was I for continuing at this carry-on!!  Imagine wasting a Thursday afternoon stuck in this hall.  Never mind EVERY Thursday afternoon. 

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Kitty Kelly


My grandmother, Kitty Kelly, (nee Mulligan) was born in Carey’s Row, Dundalk in 1882.   At around the age of fourteen she was parcelled off to Chicago.

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Oasis of Ballinlare Gardens


Let us start with the big fact that will stir the emotions of a few.  

Ballinlare Gardens (plus a little bit, a very tiny bit of Killeavey Road) was  ( is ) in the grand county of Armagh.

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To the Abbey Primary


Little did I know what was in front of us, that day long ago when Gene McKevitt and I ran out of Senior Infants in St Clare’s Convent School to follow Willie Carr up to the Abbey Primary. Brother Hennessy placed me in one class and Willie and Gene in another. From that day on we were never to sit again together in the one class. 

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Quit Nyamming


Fr Colum Wright this morning in his sermon, with a congregation ranging in age from four to eighty plus years, recounted how he had just returned from visiting Santa in Daisy Hill Hospital.    Really?  No, really?  Was he ill?


It was all the children ‘nyamming’ that put him there, he said, and it wasn’t at all certain that he’d recover soon enough to do his essential rounds this year.

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Housing in Newry


The social and housing conditions of Newry two generations ago could scarcely stand in greater contrast with those conditions of today.

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Addresses in Newry: 1


What with the huge expansion of our town in recent years, there are probably many of our exiles who could not find their way around the residential districts any more. For your benefit here is a list, each address coupled with others in the same area.

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‘This must be the stupidest man ever born,’ said Sheriff Barry DeLong of…

Calm … 3 …


I left the hospital and got into my car and drove to the local beach. This place was very special to us from the time that we both could walk. 

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