Last Man to Hang


We conclude, with this item, our series on the murder of Pearl Gamble by Robert McGladdery on Saturday 28 January 1961. Today is the forty-sixth anniversary of that fateful night.   Had this terrible fate not befallen her, Pearl would this year have turned sixty-five and become an old-age pensioner.

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William Kirk of Keady


The centre of the S Armagh village of Keady is dominated by a granite and freestone monument, executed in 1871, to the industrialist and politician William Kirk, to whom the village owes its early prosperity – if not indeed its very existence.


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Death in a hovel


People think they are hard done by these days.

Read an edited version of an entry in Newry Reporter 31 March 1908:

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That’s the spirit!


‘On you go now! Run, son, like the devil

And tell your mother to try

To find me a bubble for the spirit level

And a new knot for this tie.’

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The Last Druid 1913-1996


 Michael J. Murphy, writer and folklorist, was born in Eden Street, Liverpool , in June 1913 and died at Walterstown, Castlebellingham, Co. Louth, on May 18th 1996.

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Who will win?


‘Fools rush in’, they say, and here’s this fool rushing in again with his predictions for the Amateur Drama Festival, despite the fact that we have not yet seen Phoenix (tonight with ‘Da’), Bart (tomorrow with Lady in the Van), or Lurig (Blood Brothers).

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Miscellaneous Memories: 1


‘.. there was no central heating in houses. In our house there was a big range .. like a modern Aga .. that heated the kitchen. There was no heat in our bedrooms at all .. so we had to have hot water bottles in bed. You looked after your bottle. There weren’t many then, like there is today.

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Son of Ballinliss


I’m thinking it must be word-and-idea association that drives me! Anna Belle spoke of Ballinliss and that brought to mind another past-pupil of that tiny school.

John McNally of Ballinliss, Killeavy spent twenty years gold-mining and prospecting in Alaska!

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Miss Munroe: First School


The only school in the district was a one-room Protestant school two miles away. Our parents were reluctant to send us but keeping up with our ‘larnin” was more important than religious persuasion so off we went, Sally and I!

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