Bygone memories


I have fond memories of

 The Turning bridges: there were five such on the town section of the canal: at Sugar Island; Monaghan Street; Ballybot; and Buttercrane, where the rail crossed the canal; and Dublin Bridge. This was to allow barge traffic bound for Portadown. A bell would sound in the Harbour Master’s Office to alert people. School children used the cry, ‘The bridges were closed!’ as an excuse for their lack of punctuality.

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Quigley Classical Christmas 2008

Let me first offer humble apologies for advertising this wonderful event AFTER the fact, but since I had not booked tickets, I might have ‘shot myself in the foot’ by offering pre-publicity for what is ALWAYS (and rightfully) a sell-out concert!  It was superb!

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Communion Choir, 1976


The young ladies pictured here will soon be approaching that dreaded ‘bump’ birthday of forty!  Then they were attending St Joseph’s School where the Walking Nuns taught them well.

The 150th Anniversary of the Mercy Nuns coming to Newry is currently being celebrated with an exhibition in the Catherine Street home.  Don’t miss it!  Also purchase their commemorative book, The Walking Nuns which is on sale there, and will soon be reviewed here (when I get time to browse it!)

How many faces can you put a name to?  Answers on Guestbook, please!

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Abbey 1955 Seniors


This old school photo was donated from California by Michael Petty – who features here (see Threads latest).   But we don’t know many of the names!  Can you help? Post names in the guestbook/discussion forum. Click on the photo below for a larger version.

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Newpoint: ‘The Field’

Newpoint’s latest offering kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday) night week (30th Sept) in the Town Hall at 8.00pm.  Charlie Smyth presents the John B Keane favourite ‘The Field’. 

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Last of Chapel St residents


Bartley and Hilda Feehan lived across the street from the McCanns. Batley had two sons Joe and John. She lived for her greyhounds. Joe had then left home and joined the Royal Navy. Later John also took the boat for England. He recently made his first journey home and I regret not having met him then. 

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By the Bog of Cats

Extremely scathing it may be, but ‘honest’ it surely is.  Michael McNamee’s critique of the Ferns Dramatic Society (Wexford) interpretation of Marina Carr’s “By the Bog of Cats”.

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The Souterrain


We cut the sod. We dug the heavy mould

To bare the stones which stronger folk have laid

Over their tunnelled dwelling.

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‘Keep the ‘hate’ in ye”


Occasionally town boys who were not afraid of horses could earn a penny or two for looking after the animals for farmers whose stay in the town of Kilkeel would be brief, or who wished to retire to the nearest hostelry.

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