Going Round in Circles


After a sleepless weekend of trepidation it was a relief  finally to get to work on Monday morning and to meet this ogre that they all feared.

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Blackmen or not?


There was a programme on Radio Ulster recently about the Bessbrook Mill.  It reminded me of a story told to me by Billie McCaigue who was, at the time, a Unionist Councillor for Newry Town. 

During the Second World War some Divisions of the American Army were stationed in Bessbrook prior to their departure to France.  One afternoon one of the soldiers came into a shop in the village and the young lady asked,

‘ Sir, what can I get you?’

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Lughnasa: Newpoint, tonight

Tonight is the big one, the performance we have all been waiting for, the appearance of the home side Newpoint, presenting Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa. It is the welcome return as director of Sean Treanor and as actors of the fabulous team of Patricia McCoy, Pauline Lynch, Denise Taylor, Paul McParland, Pat Mooney and Laurie Hodgett and the debut of Corrina Cunningham and Molly Finn. 

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Discipline at home

Mass Rock Newry

Discipline in the family was down to mother. I can recall only one occasion when my father punished me. I was swinging an old bicycle pump round my head in the street…

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Fews Glossary H


Hag old, depraved woman; to chop or cutHagging-block where meat is choppedHaggard stack yard Hake  …

Workhouse to Hospital


This poem which was passed to us by Martin Toal was written in 1998 by Jim McParland, and was delivered by him at a 50th celebration of the National Health Service.

That celebration was held at the Mourne Country Hotel.  Present were a number of people who were employed in the old Workhouse – and some who remained on the staff in that building after its integration into the NHS.

Jim McParland was one such.   He wrote the following poem about his memories.

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Stuff the turkey


It was Christmas morning and the phones in the various homes belonging to the Martin family had been in overdrive since breakfast. The women of the family were exchanging views about the impending hassle of cooking the Christmas dinner at their parents’ home – a family tradition. 

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Flog a dead horse


The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians passed on from generation to generation, and for that matter replicated in various guises in a host of other ancient cultures, advises as follows:

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