Newry Film Club: 4 June


Newry Arts Centre Film Club (NACFC) has been formed in 2007 by a group of volunteer film enthusiasts to bring a range of films not usually shown by commercial cinemas to the residents of Newry and the surrounding area.

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Handloom Weaver

My name is John McAtasney. I was born in 55, Sloan Street, Lurgan, Co Armagh on Wednesday 11 April 1934, the second eldest of a family of eight children, six boys and two girls.

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New Years Honour?


Dear Agnes,

I’m a blunt man and I’ll come straight to the point! You, it’s said, have a finger in every pie and you know how to grease the wheels of government! Can you put some suitable award in my direction? I mean, surely I deserve to be decorated for my community and charitable efforts?

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Bishop O’Doherty


It was about that time that the Bishop of Dromore, the Rev Edmund Mulhern went to his eternal rest. Our new bishop, a Derry man, Eugene O’Doherty was to be ordained in Newry Cathedral. This was great cause for celebration!

 All the streets of the town were adorned with papal-coloured bunting. In Chapel Street Niall McAteer was in charge of decorations, celebrations and the reception of our new Bishop to the area. He would, of course be visiting St Mary’s Chapel.

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Prison Notes


Newry Journal was delighted recently to have been offered a few reminiscences of veteran Republican Dan Moore from his early days of resistance to British Rule. 

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Paddy’s first flight!


As I write this story, my best friend is taking a flight over Newry on board a microlight. You know, one of those tiny airplanes. And it’s on that account I recall the story of Paddy and Biddy Rice’s flight some eighty years ago over Dundalk.

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Second Russell ‘Sister’

St Catherines Newry

The Russells of Dominic Street in the nineteenth century had a privileged childhood. Although well-off they were still unpampered and unspoilt. Of the five surviving children, all three girls became Sisters of Mercy one of the two boys became a Jesuit priest and the other, Charles a famous lawyer and eventually Lord Chief Justice of England. 

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Annamar school: Petie the rogue!


In those days at Annamar School, my older brother Petie was a real scamp! If there was devilment, it was he who was at the centre of it. There was a house of the road that doubled as a local shop – there were lots of those in them days!

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Air Raid Shelter


He might have been Joe’s father or grandfather. Certainly he displayed signs of similar mental function. The time was back in the war

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Newry Canal Opens


Contrary to frequently expressed sentiment, Newry Canal was not the first in these Islands, but the first summit-level canal; the first, that is, to be fed from a lake at higher level, in our case Acton Lake, some half-way along its length.

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