Lislea Drama Festival 2008

The Lislea Drama Festival into its twenty-seventh year continues, unlike most others, to go from strength to strength. This year’s programme too [unlike so many others!] has clearly been selected with audience appreciation in mind.

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Discipline at home

Mass Rock Newry

Discipline in the family was down to mother. I can recall only one occasion when my father punished me. I was swinging an old bicycle pump round my head in the street…

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The ‘Ragged’ School

Talbot Street Newry

This is the latest in our occasional series on hidden Newry.  Can you identify the following home and the plaque which is erected just outside its front door? 

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Knights Templar in Newry


We assume, partly because a full page of the local Democrat was alloted to the story, that  some research was undertaken into the authenticity of this story.

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Paddy McGourgan’s Field


When I was about five years old in the late 1940’s I first stepped into the field, over the broken wall at the yard at our house in Maginness Street with the help of a ladder my father had bought from a man at his work.

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Bridewell Detainees


Seemingly it was normal practice to detain temporarily in The Bridewell, all those in breach of army regulations, and deserters.

Then they were conveyed to more permanent and secure places of confinement.

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On the Buses in Kent


Perhaps other Newry exiles in England and abroad have had early experiences of work similar to my own, which follow. 

Or could anyone else possibly have been as stupid as me?

None of this seemed funny at the time but I shall leave you to judge.

We were pretty desperate for work then in the early 60s and were prepared to travel to England in search of it.  

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