John McCullagh March 5, 2020

There is a plaque on the North Street Block nearest High Street celebrating the life of one Seamus Mac Conmara (McNamara) who was born near there (7 North Street) at the beginning of the twentieth century. Seamus was first and foremost a surgeon. He graduated from Queens University Belfast in 1931. He wrote in Irish […]

John McCullagh March 3, 2020

Streets of Yesteryear   1913  Market Square   1        Michael Turley 3        John McGivern 7        Edward Markey 9        Michael Warner      13      Vincent Murney 6        Joseph Manley 8        Rose O’Donnell   Market Street   3        Louis Spencer 5        Catherine Lundy 2        Edward Convery, Shoes 4        Margaret Hughes 6        Peter Hughes 8        Joseph Hughes 16      Edward Donnelly […]

John McCullagh March 2, 2020

  RESIDENTS  OF  MONAGHAN  STREET   – 1901               Use                            Family            Name               family   1          Pub                               Yes               Annie McConville     12 2          Printing Office 3          Pub 4          Shop 5          Pub                              Yes               John Savage              3 6          Shop    7          Shop                            Yes       James Gordon                 7 8          Rectifying Distillery  9          Customs […]

Simon McCullagh March 2, 2020

One of the greatest of the simple pleasures in life is singing, and here in Ireland we have a long and great tradition of the ‘session’.  A cultural phenomenon where local people aggregate in a pub, house or local hall to enjoy music and fun together. The session serves many functions with the main one […]