Mary Kane’s Class

It just struck me!  Mary Kane (Rose Mary Kane)  – that’s  the same moniker as that famous country singer and celebrity panellist from Newry ….  well, Meigh, actually, – Rose Marie … and maybe ‘infamous’ is the word.

Anyway, is she any relation?

Our hero and reader Mary Kane is standing right.  The teacher is Miss Egan.  The year is 1966 Sacred Heart School.

We don’t know many here but that lovely back right might well be our Olwyn Deane herself!

Numbers 2, 4 and 6 at back may be Nora Sherrin, Rosemary McQuaid and Edina McCoy.

Numbers one and 4, middle, might be Kathleen Bannon and Fionnuala Townsend AND the first four, front row, are Cora Hickman, Emily Rankin, Eimer Kelly and Sheila Duffy.

Contact us with additions/corrections please.

And again, thanks to Mary.

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