Is it a language really?


You may, if you like, substitute the term Ulster Scots in the article below and scarcely alter the meaning or effect.





Jerry Jelusich of Florida’s Department of Human Services was explaining why government money was funding a linguist specialising in a fantasy language – Klingon – invented for the Star Trek TV show. 


‘Although it was created as a work of fiction, it was designed to have a consistent grammar, syntax and vocabulary. Recent research has shown that many people now regard it as a complete language. 


‘We’ve had a growing number of cases involving mental health patients where this is the only language they would speak.


We need to communicate with them somehow, and if hiring a Klingon interpreter enables us to diagnose their problems more effectively, then it is money well spent.’




In its defence, it must be pointed out that to date (to the best of our knowledge) no Klingon specialist has served time in a U.S. jail for soliciting sex with an underage girl.

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