Where is Mary?

On the campaign trail George W Bush calls into the primary school for a carefully orchestrated photo-opportunity.  What could go wrong?  They were not yet teenagers.

‘Would anyone like to ask me questions?’

‘I have two questions,’ said sweet little Mary, with an innocent smile.

‘Yes, petal, what are they?’ he smiles back benignly.

‘Why did we invade Iraq?  And why are you President when you broke all your promises?’

Just then the break bell went and everyone filed out to the yard for morning recess.  When they returned a short time later, Bush was back at the podium.

‘Does anyone have any questions for me now?’ he asks innocently.

‘I have four questions,’ says little Johnny at the back.

‘O.K.’, says Bush.  ‘What are they?’

‘First, why did we invade Iraq?  Second, why are you President when you broke all your promises?

Third, why did the recess bell go ten minutes early?

And last, where is Mary?’

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