Vote Wyatt, She won’t be quiet!

A topical issue right now, elections, and there are many lessons for our legislators, administrators and indeed candidates from the story of Dorothy Wyatt, Councillor in St John’s, Newfoundland.

“We can’t tell yet just which factor had the greatest influence in her re-election: she was a colourful character in Council, with her fashion range of miniskirts and boob tubes; true to her election slogan, “Vote for Wyatt, she won’t be Quiet” she was our most outspoken Councillor; she won huge support in the postal vote which was completed a month before the election.

Some candidates suspect that her untimely death a week before polling actually encouraged a thousand more voters to plump for her, although we had notices up advising them of the position.

One thing’s for certain. Here’s another politician who won’t keep her election promise!” the spokesman concluded.

It is not known whether any of our candidates plan to follow Dorothy’s example.

Trouble is, would anybody notice the difference?

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