Ta from Hoo Flun Dong


On 7 December I took part in the Singapore Marathon.  Before the event I went to a temporary toilet outside the National stadium and unfortunately overbalanced as I sat over the trench.  After a struggle I managed to save myself from falling in but sadly my wallet tumbled into the latrine and submerged in a pit of filth.  With a heavy heart I left it there and set off for the race.

After the marathon was over I contacted the organisers and told them what had happened.  That very evening a man called Mai Ng turned up at my door and presented me with my wallet which was soiled beyond all imagination.  Even now it stinks so badly that it makes me vomit and I cannot keep it in the house.  I can only imagine the horrid stench that greeted him when he was ordered to retrieve it!  I am deeply touched and hope that Mai Ng recovers soon from his illness.

Yours sincerely

Hoo Flun Dong.

Dear Hoo,

Well, never mind who .. but WHAT??  What of value could possibly be in your wallet, that would survive such an ordeal, and still be use-worthy?  How did you possibly recompense poor Mai for his heroic endeavor ?  I suspect you offered him naught but condolences.

Should you find you have similar experiences in the future, please keep your story to yourself.

You just spoiled my dinner!


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