Psychotic or Psychic?

Carol Schultz is a pet psychic. Consultation costs $50. She cannot communicate with fish or birds but can with cats, dogs and horses, even if they are dead.

“My gift enables me to hear and understand what they are saying and even to talk back with them. I have treated a dog that suffered from anxiety because it was separated from its owner. It was fine when I handed it back.

Another dog was Hitler in a past life and was severely traumatised. I have also helped a dyslexic three-legged cat who was feeling guilty because it left its ‘treasures’ in its owner’s letter box instead of its litter box. I have also counselled a dog that was trapped in a cat’s body. A real bitch, that one, but I cured it.”

Miss Schultz is currently resident at a psychiatric unit but will be available at her own clinic as soon as she is released.

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