Virginity Test

Sipho Malinga was enjoying his explanation.

“I have several ways to test the boys for virginity,” he expounded, in the school in Kwazulu Natal, “all based on sound medical practice.

While my colleagues are checking that the girls’ hymens are intact, I ask the boys to urinate – without using their hands – over a thin piece of wire strung about a metre above ground. Those whose golden streams pass over are virgins, the others are not. Also I check the foreskin. If it is hard, the boy is pure. The most certain test of all is to check the backs of the boys’ knees. If there is an indenture behind the knees, that is a sure sign of sexual activity.

My role is so much easier that that of my colleagues testing the girls. To the best of my knowledge they have only the one test!

We do not force the boys to take the test, but those who refuse must have a reason! Also we offer rewards like toy watches and mint cake.”

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