Fish Soup!

Peter Meyer, curator of Trapholt Kuntmuseet in Jutland (no, honest, that’s its name!) defended his decision in court.


Photo shows Edward St/Monaghan St/Patrick St in the 1950s.  Haldanes is now the Health Village and the Pig Market  now Newry Institute.  Otherwise surprisingly little has changed!

‘Mr Everasti designed his exhibit so that museum visitors could push the blender buttons which were attached to the mains electricity supply. We cannot accept responsibility for the fish massacre. It was sad. Many of the visitors turned out to be ignorant Philistines, rather than art lovers. What we got was fish bouillon that eventually began to smell and we had to close the exhibit and sluice the results down the drain.’


Marco Everasti was suing for loss of earnings.


‘My exhibition was a breakthrough in the world of art. It was meant to be a metaphor for the human condition.


Unfortunately the sight of ten goldfish swimming happily around in ten Moulinex blenders filled with water, oblivious of any danger, was too much for some people who felt they had to switch on the blenders. They turned my work of art into fish soup.’


Marco’s claim was thrown out by Kolding City Court.

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