John McCullagh July 20, 2019

Heaven’s right ‘n sweet, I guess In no rush to get there Been a sinner, more or less Maybe won’t fit in there. Wicked still, gotta confess Might just pine a bit there! Heaven’s swell, preacher says But got so used to earth here Had such good times all the way Frolic, fun and mirth […]

John McCullagh July 18, 2019

First, the bad news. Not for love nor money will you get tickets for the highlight, CLANNAD, fronted by Moya Brennan, next Friday night. I was really looking forward to this concert, but I too was slow (all tickets went on the internet and were snatched up like hot buns.) Tickets for all other events […]

John McCullagh July 16, 2019

My song for you this evening, it’s not to make you sad Nor for adding to the sorrows of this troubled northern land, But lately I’ve been thinking and it just won’t leave my mind I’ll tell you of two friends one time who were both good friends of mine. Allan Bell from Benagh, he […]

John McCullagh July 16, 2019

The Newry Highwayman In Newry Town I was bred and born In Steven’s Green now I’ll lie in scorn I served my time at the saddler’s trade And I always was a roving blade At seventeen I took a wife And I loved her dearer than I loved my life And for to keep her […]

John McCullagh July 13, 2019

Dear Agnes I’m relying on your discretion here, so don’t let me down. I made my first fortune a few generations  ago, and as well as money it gained me a fine filly.  She soon turned fat and flabby and distinctly self-centred and after a few years she scarpered, taking the childer and a large […]